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A Genome Center including a high throughput sequencing facility to support an ambitious effort in genomic medicine, precision medicine and personalized health.

A technology hub enabling a large scale national and international clinical grade genomic initiative.

A leading house for the broad genome sequencing of the Swiss population.

An enterprise aimed at advancing knowledge about disease and improving human health through preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

A holistic endeavor to address the ethical, societal and economical challenges and benefits of genomic medicine.


The Genome Center aims to develop high-throughput sequencing and analysis pipelines for clinical and research needs. The overarching goal of the Genome Center is to provide for the large-scale sequencing needs of the whole of Switzerland, thereby facilitating genomic research and the implementation of genomic-based medicine.


The Genome Center includes a large-scale sequencing platform that is conceived as the technology hub of a broader genomic initiative which will aim at advancing knowledge about disease pathogenesis, improving human health through preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, and realizing the social and economic benefits of genomic research. The sequencing platform will have the capacity to generate genomic data for both research and clinical applications, including cost-effective sequencing of whole genomes and transcriptomes of humans, microbes and model organisms, as well as more targeted sequencing needs. Data analysis pipelines will be developed for clinical and research activities. Clinical-grade & accredited services will be provided for applications of sequencing in the clinical setting including genome sequencing for suspected Mendelian diseases and cancer genomics.



To develop and deploy genomic technologies as well as genome analysis tools and pipelines for use locally, nationally and internationally


To coordinate and facilitate Genomic research throughout Switzerland

To serve as a Big Data hub for the genomic needs of of biomedical researchers, clincians and Swiss hospitals

To support the education of clinicians in the field of genomics and genomic medicine


To foster mutual exchange of genomics know-how throughout Switzerland

To create synergies between Health 2030 institutions as well as with all other relevant public and private institutions in Switzerland, and to assist in the implementation of new genomic technologies in clinical settings


The goal of the Genome Center is to help place Switzerland at forefront of genomic-driven medicine and personalized health.

We expect the Genome Center to be transformative for both biomedical research and clinical activities..

The ability to sequence and analyze large numbers of genomes and transcriptome will allow Switzerland to be at the forefront of developments in human genetics and personalized health and facilitate Swiss collaboration and participation in large international consortia

The existence of a nationally accessible hub for genomic analysis will allow all Swiss academic institutions to contribute at discoveries in personalized health and genomic medicine. Furthermore, strong links with the industry will ensure their leadership in this economically and medically important area