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DNA Sequencing Platform

DNA Sequencing Platform

DNA Sequencing Platform

The Genome Center maintains a state-of-the-art Sequencing Platform equipped to support large-scale genetics and genomics research as well as clinical-grade diagnostic nucleic acid sequencing. This platform performs data generation for whole-genome sequencing (WGS), whole-exome sequencing (WES), full transcriptome sequencing (RNA-seq), and other genomic analyses.


Automated workflows for sample processing and sequencing library preparation coupled with the highest throughput DNA sequencers allow for high quality, cost-effective and timely data generation, thereby empowering large projects with hundreds or thousands of DNA or RNA samples.


ISO 15189 accreditation of the Sequencing Platform provides a laboratory environment capable of producing clinical grade sequencing data. Acknowledging the critical issue of speed to medical clinical diagnostics, the Sequencing Platform will offer a ‘fast turn-around time’ WES test, promising data generation from sample delivery to data delivery in 2 weeks.

The Sequencing Platform’s combined support of large-scale genomic analyses and clinically accredited sequencing will help to place Switzerland at the forefront of genomic-driven research, genomic medicine, and personalized health.


The Sequencing Platform service offerings in Spring 2021 are:

  • RNA-seq using the Illumina TruSeq mRNA-seq and TruSeq Total RNA-seq reagents,
  • WGS using the Illumina TruSeq PCR-free DNA reagents,
  • WES using Twist Comprehensive Exome Panel reagents,
  • Rapid turn-around WES using Twist Comprehensive Exome Panel reagents,
  • Full flow cell sequencing of user-prepared libraries on the Illumina NovaSeq 6000 and HiSeq 4000 instruments,
  • Support and services for WES, WGS, and RNA-seq clinical diagnostic sequencing.

The following are examples of service fees at the Health 2030 Genome Center DNA Sequencing Platform.

These fees are indicative only. For research purposes, a minimum number of samples is required. Please request a quote for diagnostic sequencing here.



Average Coverage or Cluster Number for Sample Set

Minimum Coverage or Cluster Number for Each Sample

30x WGS

850 CHF

950 CHF

70x WES* (IDT library reagents)

415 CHF

475 CHF

RNA-seq* - 10M reads (50PE)

155 CHF

RNA-seq* - 25M reads (50PE)

230 CHF

*Volume discounts available for WES and RNA-seq


Keith Harshman

Chief Operations Officer

Jérôme Thomas

Lab Associate, Quality Manager

Henri Pegeot

Lab Associate

Pietro Cattaneo

Lab Associate

Anthony Blin

Lab Technician

Deborah Penet

Lab Technician

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