Data Analytics and Interpretation Platform

Data Analytics and Interpretation Platform

Data Analytics and Interpretation Platform

The role of the Data Analytics Platform and its analytical team is to provide validated and state-of-the-art data analytics pertaining to all levels of genome analysis in both clinical and research environments. Our automated and hardware-accelerated data analysis pipelines are optimized to process data for large-scale projects, while delivering clinical-grade data and results. One of our key mission is to enable genomics applications with clinical utility and to support the hospitals with forward-looking technologies and streamlined workflows in genomic medicine.


The Analytics and Interpretation Platform (DAIP) provides data analytics services to researchers as well as services for clinical genome interpretation (using both private and public partners) with highest levels of security and CE/ISO certification at heart.


The Analytics and Interpretation Platform also continuously evaluates performance of implemented pipelines and benchmarks new analytical tools. The DAIP provides a set of quality metrics and quality of assessment for data being generated by the Genome Center and the accompanying analytics pipelines. The goal is to improve, enhance and describe in detail the caveats and challenges in genomic medicine.


The DAIP service offering are:

  • Fast turn-around of human WGS and WES variants
  • Fast turn-around of RNA-Seq quantification
  • Full workflow bringing DNA samples to the Congenica AI-powered variant interpretation and reporting platform (ISO 15189 accreditation in progress)
  • Low-Coverage human WGS and genotype imputation
  • "Two-on-one" assay for tumor profiling combining RNA-fusion transcript detection and full transcriptome profiling
  • WGS-based respiratory viruses detection and assembly
  • SARS-CoV-2 sequencing and consensus sequence assembly
  • Downstream analytics and interpretation using both public and technology provider solutions.
  • Secure and effective solutions for data life cycle governance of large volumes of sensitive human genome



Chief Data Analytics Officer

Lorenzo Cerutti


Katrin Männik

Head of Genomics Strategy

Ilya Kolpakov

Data and Analytics Engineer

Arkadiy Shevrikuko

Software Engineer

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