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clinical genomics

clinical genomics

The need to bring innovations to the healthcare system is acute, because of population ageing and the associated increase in chronic disease rates.

Genomics is driving a paradigm shift from a disease-oriented healthcare system to one that is more predictive, preventative and personalized.

Clinical genomics is a new and rapidly-changing field. Knowledge of the human genome is far from complete, but there are already concrete use-cases for information about human genetic diversity in the clinic.

Genome sequencing and analysis is expected to have the most impact in:

  • characterizing and diagnosing rare and inherited diseases;
  • stratifying individuals’ tumors to guide treatment (precision oncology);
  • predicting an individual’s risk of developing diseases or their likely response to treatment (health management)


At the Health2030 Genome Center, our scientists and staff provide tools, curate critical data, and deliver diagnostic services that help to make genomics an integral part of clinical services in Switzerland and around the world.

Clinical genomics is supported by our two platforms:

DNA Sequencing Platform (DSP)

Data Analytics and Interpretation Platform (DAIP)

news & events

news & events

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