We aim to be the national and an international leader in genomic medicine to advance research and improve human health



The Health 2030 Genome Center aims to be the national and international leader in genomic medicine to advance research and improve human health.

state of the art

state of the art

Genomic analysis is at the forefront of research and clinical developments around the world. Leading countries in research including the USA and the UK have made large public and private investments to develop sequencing capacity and the necessary data analysis tools for research and clinical use.

Existing genome centers with ambitious projects have offered exceptional resources to the research and clinical communities and have led efforts to integrate genome sequencing in clinical practice.

As genome analysis becomes commonplace in research and clinics, Switzerland has much to offer in terms of scientific strength, quality of its healthcare system (including universal coverage) and detailed patient phenotyping.

Health 2030 genome center

Health 2030 genome center

The Health 2030 Genome Center is a multi-institutional hub established to promote genomic medicine in Switzerland. The Genome Center is the genomic medicine arm of the Health 2030 initiative (health2030.ch), whose goal is to promote Swiss personalized medicine (initiated by: EPFL, UNIGE, CHUV, HUG, UNIL, InselSpital and UNIBE).

The Genome Center is more than simply a large-scale sequencing facility: it aims to integrate and synergize with several groups working on human genetics and genomics in Switzerland.

The Genome Center was conceived as a hub for genetics and genomics research to foster collaboration, to increase communication and to promote the sharing of ideas, allowing for the long-term development of major initiatives. In addition, the Genome Center increases the impact of the sequencing facility itself as new developments and projects are discussed and designed in real time through daily interactions of all stakeholders.

More broadly, the Genome Center aims to advance knowledge of disease pathogenesis, improving human health through preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, thereby realizing the social and economic benefits of genomics.

The inception of the Health 2030 Genome Center was supported by a private Geneva-based foundation, the Personalized Health and Related Technologies (PHRT) of the ETH Domain and the Health 2030 initiative in personalized health.


Health 2030 genome center structure

Health 2030 genome center structure
  • A sequencing platform that performs clinical-grade, high-throughput sequencing for research and clinical services,
  • A data analytics platform that develops large-scale data analytics and pipelines for research and clinical use,
  • A research community working at the forefront of genomics, whether in basic science or in the clinics, which serves as the intellectual backbone for the Genome Center strategy and services. In return, the Genome Center fosters synergies within this community.

news & events

news & events

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