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genome genter science council

genome genter science council
Michael Baudis
University of Zurich

oncogenomics, genomic data management

The focus of my research at the University of Zurich is the analysis of structural variations in cancer genomes by computational genomics...

Murielle Bochud
University of Lausanne

epidemiology, preventive medicine

Murielle Bochud is professor of public health and epidemiology at the Faculty of Biology and Medicine of the University of Lausanne...

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Olivier Delaneau
University of Lausanne

systems and population genetics

Our group is interested in the regulatory machinery controlling gene expression...

Bart Deplancke

genome regulation, systems biology

In 2007, he established his lab at the EPFL School of Life Sciences where he is now a tenured Full Professor and Vice-Dean of Innovation...

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Laurent Excoffier
University of Bern

computational biology

I am interested in the development of computational methods to understand evolutionary processes at the population and species level...

Jacques Fellay
University of Lausanne

genomic medicine, human/population genetics

Jacques Fellay is a medical doctor and researcher, with expertise in genomics and infectious diseases...

Zoltán Kutalik
University of Lausanne

genetics of complex traits, statistical genetics

Associate professor at the University of Lausanne. In parallel, he is an honorary senior lecturer at the University of Exeter...

Tosso Leeb
University of Bern

veterinary genetics and rare diseases

He is currently a professor of veterinary genetics and animal breeding at the University of Bern...

Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas
University of Lausanne

evolutionary population genomics

Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas is an assistant professor in the Department of Computational Biology...

Gunnar Rätsch

computational genomics, machine learning, medical Informatics

My group’s research at ETH lies at the interface between methods research in machine learning, sequence analysis...

Alexandre Reymond
University of Lausanne

genome structure and expression

He moved to the Center for Integrative Genomics in October 2004 and became its Director in 2015...

Mark Robinson
University of Zurich

statistical bioinformatics, genome-scale data analysis

Mark Robinson has been an Associate Professor since 2017 after joining Department of Molecular Life Sciences of the University of Zurich...

Didier Trono

epigenetics, regulatory genomics

Didier Trono has had a long-standing interest for interactions between viruses and their hosts...

Daniel Wegman
Daniel Wegmann
University of Fribourg

evolutionary and computational genomics

We develop statistical and computational methods to answer biological questions from big data...

Evgeny Zdobnov
University of Geneva

comparative genomics, metagenomics

We carry out research in the field of comparative genomics and molecular evolution...

news & events

news & events
Image: Copyright Julien Gregorio/HUG

Hunt for the genome of SARS-CoV-2 variants goes on in Switzerland

The Swiss National SARS-CoV-2 Genomic Surveillance Program introduced in May 2021 by the Federal Office of Public...

The Health 2030 Genome Center Receives ISO 15189 Accreditation

The accreditation granted to the Health 2030 Genome Center is unique among Swiss public institutions in its...

Data Analysis and Interpretation at the Health 2030 Genome Center: now and beyond

The first session of the Health 2030 Genome Center Webinar Series was held on April 28, 2021....

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