Service fees

Services and fees

Services and fees

The Health 2030 Genome Center provides sequencing (ISO 15189:2013 accredited) and analysis services to the research and clinical community only. The DNA sequencing platform performs clinical-grade, high-throughput sequencing, and the data analytics platform develops large-scale data analytics and pipelines.

The following are examples of service fees at the Health 2030 Genome Center DNA Sequencing Platform.

These fees are indicative only. For research purposes, a minimum number of samples is required. Please request a quote for diagnostic sequencing here.


Average Coverage or Cluster Number for Sample Set

Minimum Coverage or Cluster Number for Each Sample

30x WGS

850 CHF

950 CHF

70x WES* (IDT library reagents)

415 CHF

475 CHF

RNA-seq* - 10M (50PE) reads

155 CHF

RNA-seq* - 25M reads (50PE)

230 CHF

*Volume discounts available for WES and RNA-seq

Customer contact form

Customer contact form

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news & events

news & events

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