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Data Analysis and Interpretation at the Health 2030 Genome Center: now and beyond

The first session of the Health 2030 Genome Center Webinar Series was held on April 28, 2021.

The webinar presented the data analysis and interpretation of genomic data at the Genome Center, followed by a discussion between the Genome Center Data Analysis and Interpretation Team and participants from the research, clinic, and patient communities as other stakeholders groups involved in genomics.


Introduction – Pr Emmanouil Dermitzakis (Director)

DNA sequencing platform – Dr. Keith Harshman (Chief Operations Officer)

Data and governance platform – Dr. Katrin Männik (Head of Data Strategy)

Analysis and interpretation platform – Pr Ioannis Xenarios (Chief Data Analyst), Dr. Ilya Kolpakov (Genomics Data Engineer), and Dr. Lorenzo Cerutti (Genomics Data Engineer)

Conclusion and Q&A – Pr Ioannis Xenarios

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